From the Pacific Ocean, the Andes mountains and the amazonas jungle, something authentic and fresh is now in Dubai, the Peruvian Cuisine is considered by the top chefs in the world one of the most dynamic and passionate food and certainly will became a new classic around the globe.

After hundreds of years and mixtures between local food and the influence of Spanish, Italian, Japanese,Chinese and African result this exotic and amazing flavours called Peruvian cuisine.

Peruvian chefs started to bring the flavours of Perú to the Middle East a couple of years ago, now our chefs Percy and Gonzalo aries to bring the classical and new cuisine of the ignite the land of the Incas.

Be ready to enhance your taste buds and feel our exquisite ambiance

The “CEVICHE” Quote

– OUR GOAL IS TO Enlighten your experience in our peruvian cuisine